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Picture this: you cut out grains, gluten, and dairy, but you really want a burger with a BUN! What on earth should you do? Make your own grain-free bun? Not unless you have the time. Hmm … [lightbulb] how about Omega Bun?

Omega Bun is a flaxseed-based bun, packed with omega-3s and made without gluten, grains, dairy, nuts, and coconut. They are low carb and low calorie, making them a great option for diabetics, people on a weight-loss diet, people on a Paleo diet, or those who have cut these ingredients for health reasons. Plus, they are the only product on the market of its kind that is USDA organic. They are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility (please note that nuts, soy, dairy, etc. may be present in the facility but the buns are made without those ingredients).

Alright, now let’s talk taste! These buns are delicious – you won’t even miss the carbs. They are flatter than “traditional” burger buns, sort of like the thickness of English muffins, but I actually like that about them because sometimes I think burgers have too much bread compared to the burger patty. These allow you to put emphasis on the burger patty and they allow you to take a bite without unhinging your jaw! They offer original, sesame seed, and chia seed – my favorite is the sesame seed. Omega Bun also offers a dry bun mix so you can bake your own buns, plus a banana muffin mix and artisan bread loaf mix.

If you’ve been missing out on bread because you’re grain-free, there’s no need to sacrifice anymore! Try Omega Bun now.

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