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Recommends: Ziba Foods

Ziba means beautiful and let me tell you, Ziba Foods is a beautiful company! From their mission and their standards to their packaging to their products, it’s easy to see the appeal.

First, let’s start with what Ziba Foods produces. They produce heirloom and wild-grown superfoods, and I don’t mean in powders that you might not know how to use or in the form of green gritty drinks, but in the form of unique, delicious nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. They have sun-dried figs, raisins, walnuts, dried apricots, dried white mulberries, and the best pistachios and almonds (the Shakhurbai dry roasted and salted ones) I’ve ever had. If you can’t decide whether to choose pistachios or almonds, might I suggest their sweet apricot kernels? They taste like a pistachio and almond had a baby.

Next, let’s talk about Ziba’s mission and standards. All of their delicious products are sustainably sourced from Afghanistan, with stable water supplies on multi-generational family farms and village cooperatives. They don’t use additives in the products, including sulfites, and don’t use chemical pesticides on the crops. Ziba uses a system called farmer direct advance pay, which includes paying for the goods at the time of purchase, whereas other traders will take harvested products on consignment which sometimes leads to the traders paying farmers less than they promise. Afghan women are subject to high rates of unemployment and are often marginalized across economic sectors, so Ziba ensures their workforce in both management and staff is 85% female. They also provide educational opportunities for their staff.

I highly recommend Ziba and for your first order I suggest getting their Variety Pack so you can taste the many delicious foods that come from the nutrient-dense Afghan farms. There’s something so special about these foods, but you definitely have to taste it for yourself!

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