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Recommends: Mrs. Bickel’s

As is common with many gluten-free companies, Mrs. Bickel’s Gluten Free Bakery was created by a family of celiacs. After a celiac diagnosis in 1982, founder Katy began looking for gluten-free alternatives to her favorite baked goods. The 80s was certainly lacking in gluten-free selections, so Katy started baking her own. The rest is delicious history!

Mrs. Bickel’s Gluten Free Bakery has a very wide selection of gluten-free baked goods – everything you’ll need to satisfy your sweet tooth or your savory tooth (if that’s not a thing, now it is!). Some items they offer include blondies, brownies, breadsticks, pizza crusts, cookies, and breads like burger buns and slider rolls. My favorite item that I’ve tried is their Butterscotch-Toffee Brownie! Perfect balance of flavors and full of all the yummy things you want in a sweet treat.

What’s really great is that they offer low-glycemic goodies for those watching their blood sugar in addition to being gluten-free.

You can tell that they are one of those companies that’s just wholesome and good, with people who want to put a smile on your face with every bite of delicious homestyle baked goods made gluten-free.

Best of all, they are available to ship thanks to their guaranteed-fresh shipping capabilities.

For those new to gluten-free who are craving certain homestyle baked goods, for those who want to send a gluten-free gift package to friends or family, or for those who just really want to bite into a delicious gluten-free brownie or cookie, I recommend tying Mrs. Bickel’s Gluten-Free Bakery!

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