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I’ve been an on-again off-again grain-free-dieter, depending on my health needs at any given time. That coupled with avoiding processed foods and refined sugars can really help a variety of health concerns. While I myself am not a fully Paleo dieter, I do see the many benefits in it and I particularly enjoy using products from Paleo-friendly brands because that means they are minimally processed and don’t contain anything artificial, no refined sugars, and are overall just better quality.

Paleovalley is one of those brands. They make superfood protein bars, beef sticks, turkey sticks, bone broth protein powder, and organic supergreens powder, plus some supplements. Rather than buying protein bars and jerky sticks from any ol’ brand at any ol’ big box grocery store, I like to get quality items for those kinds of grab-and-go snacks. My thought process on that is that even though you might not eat one of those every day – perhaps you use it on the go, or as a pick-me-up after the gym – the quality of the ingredients still matter because for one, those kinds of products are often LOADED with junk and for two, if they are high-quality, you will get better nutrition and better fuel to keep you going.

That point about better nutrition is exactly why Paleovalley was founded in the first place. San Diego couple Autumn and Chas began a Paleo diet years ago to help Autumn’s digestive issues. The diet worked and the couple was inspired to create their own products because they had a difficult time finding nutrient-dense products on the market.

Now, let’s talk taste! The turkey sticks are available in two flavors – original and cranberry orange – and the beef sticks are available in five flavors – original, jalapeño, summer sausage, teriyaki, and garlic summer sausage. The original ones are fantastic – perfectly savory and seasoned with a blend of spices – and the garlic summer sausage and cranberry orange are also delicious! As far as the bars, they have dark chocolate chip and apple cinnamon – I personally like the apple cinnamon best but both are tasty, chewy, and offer 9 grams of protein per bar.

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