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Recommends: Andean Dream

My favorite gluten-free pastas are those that are a mix of rice and corn or rice and quinoa. They stay together much better than rice-only pastas and provide that nice al dente texture I love.

Andean Dream is a brand of gluten-free, Certified Organic pasta made from rice and quinoa. Their pastas come in different shapes – elbows, shells, spaghetti, orzo, macaroni, and fusilli – and are made in a dedicated facility free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and corn. What I like most about their pasta is that not only is it available in orzo, which is not as easy to find in other gluten-free brands, but it’s high quality. What I like most about the company is that they care about making a difference.

The company was founded by a woman named Ingrid, whose husband worked as the Consul General of Bolivia, in Los Angeles, and introduced her to the plight of the indigenous quinoa farmers in Bolivia who were living below the poverty line. After Ingrid developed her delicious quinoa cookies in her home kitchen, she saw an opportunity to improve the lives of these farm workers by hiring single mothers and people with disabilities and participating in the Fair Trade program to make the Andean Dream products.

In addition to quinoa-based pastas, Andean Dream makes turmeric pasta made of rice, quinoa, and amaranth, and quinoa cookies made with quinoa flour and available in coconut, cocoa orange, and chocolate chip.

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