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Recommends: Andean Dream

My favorite gluten-free pastas are those that are a mix of rice and corn or rice and quinoa. They stay together much better than rice-only pastas and provide that nice al dente texture I love. Andean Dream is a brand of gluten-free, Certified Organic pasta made from rice and quinoa. Their pastas come in different […]

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Recommends: Paleovalley

I’ve been an on-again off-again grain-free-dieter, depending on my health needs at any given time. That coupled with avoiding processed foods and refined sugars can really help a variety of health concerns. While I myself am not a fully Paleo dieter, I do see the many benefits in it and I particularly enjoy using products […]

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Recommends: Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur

Ever have a whiskey cooler? Blueberries or blackberries mashed and strained, mixed with whiskey and simple syrup – it’s divine! Well, I recently tried Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur and thought that would be an excellent addition to cocktails, especially those using whiskey or maybe for drinks where you just want a touch of alcohol but not […]

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Recommends: KC Natural

For those on an AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet or those avoiding nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, etc.), it’s difficult to be able to make easy foods like pasta and tomato sauce, chicken with barbecue sauce, or recipes that call for ketchup, salsa, or mustard (mustard is a no-no on AIP but is fine for those who avoid […]

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Recommends: Coconut Bliss

Here in Florida, ice cream might as well be its own food group. It’s a staple in most households because we need to cool off about 360 days a year (the other 5 are the winter days). That said, many ice creams are full of dairy (obviously), gluten (think cookies and cream), artificial colors and […]

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Recommends: Odd Bagel

There’s a new bagel in town and it’s an odd one. It’s called Odd Bagel, and it was given that name for a reason … it’s not your typical bagel! But in a good way. Odd Bagel makes bagels that are not just gluten-free but also free from the top 8 allergens, which is good […]


Recommends: Cassava

Certain foods just deserve more praise and celebration when you find them gluten-free. You can find gluten-free bars, crackers, and cookies by the dozen – but certain items, like donuts, ravioli, and empanadas, for example, are harder to find gluten-free, so when you do … you shout it from the rooftops! Today’s rooftop shouting is […]

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Recommends: True Nutrition

You want to hear something genius?! You can customize your own protein powders. It’s a great time to be alive, am I right?! I mean seriously, think about it: protein powders often contain any number of unknown ingredients, from preservatives to artificial sweeteners to food dyes and more, and that’s not even including allergens. So […]

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Recommends: Mrs. Bickel’s

As is common with many gluten-free companies, Mrs. Bickel’s Gluten Free Bakery was created by a family of celiacs. After a celiac diagnosis in 1982, founder Katy began looking for gluten-free alternatives to her favorite baked goods. The 80s was certainly lacking in gluten-free selections, so Katy started baking her own. The rest is delicious […]


Recommends: Dare Foods/Breton Crackers

Crackers have come a long way since I first went gluten-free more than 25 years ago. These days, it’s not only rare but completely unacceptable to bite into a gluten-free cracker that tastes anything less than what a conventional cracker would taste like. That might be a bold statement, but frankly, I think that’s the […]