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Recommends: Nuco Coconut

I’m going to premise this by saying that I’m not a huge fan of coconut. That said, I still really enjoy Nuco Coconut’s products. Made with simple, pure ingredients, this brand is definitely onto something! Nuco Coconut offers coconut wraps, coconut oil, coconut cereal, coconut vegan mayonnaise, and coconut vinegar. Wraps, mayo, and vinegar made […]

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Recommends: Flax4Life

What’s better than a Cappuccino Brownie? Or a Dark Cherry Brownie? How about one that’s loaded with healthy ingredients and tastes amazing?! Flax4Life has you covered with their brownies that are packed with flax and contain a hefty dose of omega-3s, fiber, and lignans. Omega-3s, fiber, and lignans are all excellent for your heart health […]

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Recommends: Pastry Base

If you love baking, you’ll love LillyBean by PastryBase. These cupcake/cake mixes are excellent for any occasion, but especially the holidays, because they are not only gluten-free but also vegan. This takes care of eliminating several allergens and makes the products versatile and perfect for bringing to parties, sharing with friends and coworkers, and entertaining […]

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Recommends: Mom’s Place

What if I told you that you could have tons and tons of traditional-tasting, perfect-textured foods, from desserts to rolls to bagels and so much more, all with one brand? And if that brand was made by a celiac you can trust? It’s true … and it’s delicious! Mom’s Place Gluten-Free products include a wide […]

Recommends: Ollois

I’m a firm believer in natural and homeopathic remedies. I’ve never been one to go straight for pharmaceuticals and always prefer to see if there’s a natural method first, which is why I take vitamins regularly! I recently tried Ollois Homeopathic Medicines. They’re single-ingredient medicines made without any synthetic chemicals and they offer relief for […]

Recommends: Don’t Go Nuts

Don’t go nuts trying to find gluten-free bars that your children will enjoy. Don’t go nuts looking for a spread to change up their school lunch sandwiches. Don’t go nuts because I have a great option for you … called Don’t Go Nuts. These delicious whole grain snack bars and plant-based protein spreads are so […]

Recommends: ColorKitchen

I love a pop of color in my baked goods if the occasion lends itself to that. Christmas, birthday parties, baby showers, and more holidays and special events sometimes need that extra bit of pizazz. But who like artificial colors and ingredients? Over the last few years, concerns have been raised about these artificial dyes […]

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Recommends: Paleo Pro

I’ve had all kinds of protein powder in my day: the kind that tastes delicious; the kind that feels like sawdust and tastes like sand; protein powders made from whey, soy, hemp, peas; and so many others. Protein powder is a go-to for traveling and is a staple in my diet when I’m in a […]

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Recommends: Hip Chick Farms

Anyone who has followed by blog long enough knows that I’m all about organic and pasture-raised eggs, which means it should be no surprise when I tell you that’s how I like my chicken, too! I buy organic chicken for my own home cooking and when my family comes over for dinner I make them […]

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Recommends: Better Bites Bakery

When’s the last time you were able to have a Hostess-style cupcake? Or chocolate-covered cake balls? It’s been a while, right? Being gluten-free often means having to forgo the sweets of your past … but not anymore, thanks to Better Bites Bakery. Better Bites Bakery makes a-ma-zing cake balls in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry; chocolate […]