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Recommends: Schär

If you’ve never heard of Schär … wait, are there people out there who haven’t heard of Schär? I mean maybe you haven’t tried their products, but I’m sure you’ve all heard of them unless you’re new to gluten-free or you live in a dark and dreary place, like under a rock. OK, all jokes […]

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Recommends: Jarlsberg Cheese

One of my favorite ways to entertain guests is to have a cocktail party. It’s easier than a sit-down dinner, you can set up food stations wherever it works best inside or outside your home, and it allows people to mingle in multiple spots rather than congregating around one loud dinner table. And one of […]

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Recommends: Kate’s Real Food Bars

You can never have too many bars if you’re an on-the-go type of person. Whether you’re jumping between work and school, running errands, scurrying off to the gym, or going on an outdoor adventure, there are always plenty of times where a good-quality, gluten-free bar will come in handy. I always have at least one […]

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Recommends: BeReal

If you didn’t sneak a couple bites of raw cookie dough as a kid, then you were missing out! Missing out on potential food poisoning but also missing out on a delicious treat! Nowadays, you no longer have to take the risk of eating raw cookie dough filled with unbaked eggs. Instead, you can have […]

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Recommends: Essential Oxygen

I once watched a man bite into an onion, peel and all, to demonstrate his mouthwash on a TV show I was on set for. Gross! Effective, but still very gross. This is not about that mouthwash, but it’s a good anecdote to lead into this product. Essential Oxygen creates all-natural dental hygiene products like […]

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Recommends: Rooted Apothecary

There’s been an influx of CBD products on the market lately and I’m excited about that! Once I learned what CBD is and how it can help with a variety of health issues, aches, pains, and stress, I’ve been a fan. I felt the difference and I’ve seen family members and friends also be impacted […]

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Recommends: Quantum Energy Bars

Before I wrote this, I had zero energy. I needed inspiration and a boost to get me through the work day, but I didn’t feel like drinking another coffee. So instead, I reached for a Quantum Energy Bar. These bars are infused with organic green coffee beans, plus macros like dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, […]

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Recommends: Starlite Cuisine

I have a family with multiple food sensitivities. My son is gluten-free and mostly vegan. Some of my grandkids avoid sugar. My nephew has a peanut allergy. And I’m, as you know, gluten-free. Needless to say, I stock a lot of different types of foods at my house – for when the grandkids come by, […]

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Recommends: Luce Farms

If you have yet to try CBD oil, let me tell you that me and my family are big fans! I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it at an expo one day and it relieved my pain, and once my son started taking it for achy joints and felt results, I began […]

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Recommends: Lebby Chickpea Snacks

I know someone who nearly choked on a chickpea snack one time. It was so dry and powdery despite having a candy-coated outside. I almost didn’t want to try another chickpea snack since then, but my mind was instantly changed with Lebby Chickpea Snacks. These are simply made differently then other chickpea snacks. They’re made […]