Recommends: Omega Bun

Picture this: you cut out grains, gluten, and dairy, but you really want a burger with a BUN! What on earth should you do? Make your own grain-free bun? Not unless you have the time. Hmm … [lightbulb] how about Omega Bun? Omega Bun is a flaxseed-based bun, packed with omega-3s and made without gluten, […]

Simple Kneads Logo

Recommends: Simple Kneads

It’s no secret that some gluten-free breads can be underwhelming. They can be dry and crumble at a single touch, leaving you unsatisfied. Be unsatisfied no more! Simple Kneads makes gluten-free bread look and taste wonderful! Simple Kneads bread owns its gluten-free status instead of trying to imitate wheat bread. Not only is the bread […]

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Recommends: Canyon Bakehouse

Want to know how to make the gluten-free community sad? Give us tiny bread slices. Unfortunately, many commercial brands of gluten-free bread are itty-bitty, which makes for perfectly fine bread cubes or bread crumbs but makes for less-than-appealing sandwiches. Luckily, Canyon Bakehouse wants to see us happy … so they’ve created larger loaves! Much like […]

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Recommends: Gluten Free Nation

Some of the best gluten free brands are those created by people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity or who have a family member who does. They’re in the kitchen often, working with gluten free ingredients, and they end up being the ones who can put together an amazing line of GF products. One […]