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Recommends: KC Natural

For those on an AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet or those avoiding nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, etc.), it’s difficult to be able to make easy foods like pasta and tomato sauce, chicken with barbecue sauce, or recipes that call for ketchup, salsa, or mustard (mustard is a no-no on AIP but is fine for those who avoid […]

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Recommends: Tillen Farms

The slogan for Tillen Farms is “pickled to perfection” and I have to say I agree. Their pickled vegetables, which include asparagus, beans, peppers and carrots, are crispy, gorgeous and packed with flavor. It seems that each vegetable is picked at the exact moment it has achieved the perfect degree of ripeness and then pickled […]

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Recommends: SunButter

I first found SunButter® creamy spread when my sister asked me to come up with an alternative to use in my yummy gluten-free peanut butter cookies for her son Kelton.  Kelton is severly allegic to peanuts.  We are talking shot carrying, anaphylactic shock inducing, scare the heck out of you allergic. He is also gorgeous, brilliant and […]