Recommends: The Maine Pie Co.

It’s only September but the holiday season is already knocking on our doors. We’re currently wrapping up the November/December issue of the magazine, so holiday food is a plenty around these parts and pumpkin spice everything is beginning to line the grocery store shelves. In order to simplify my life, I’m planning for the holidays […]

Recommends: Smart Baking Company

Sugar. It’s such a sneaky little thing that amounts to quite a big thing in the diets of most Americans. As a whole, Americans consume way more sugar than we should. Men should have no more than 9 teaspoons a day and women should have no more than 6 teaspoons, yet the average American consumes […]

LivOn Labs recommends

Recommends: LivOn Labs

If you have celiac disease, chances are you’ve battled with nutrient deficiencies at some point in time. Nutrient deficiencies happen in celiacs because the villi in the small intestine have been damaged and cannot absorb nutrients as well as healthy villi. If you’re healing your gut after being newly diagnosed or if you simply have […]

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Recommends: Azuñia Tequila

¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’dentro! (Translation: [glasses] up, down, front, inside.) If you’re a tequila fan, you’re going to love this one! Azuñia Tequila is a smooth, clean-crafted tequila that is of exceptional quality and taste. It is made with 100% pure Weber Blue Agave, grown in the Jalisco valleys in Mexico. From start to […]

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Recommends: Summerhill Dairy

If you or someone you know has allergies or sensitivities to cow’s milk, or perhaps if your child has difficulty digesting cow’s milk, then you should give goat’s milk a try. Goat’s milk contains lower levels of casein protein than cow’s milk, plus it’s a different type of casein. Goat’s milk has A-2 beta casein, […]

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Recommends: Schär

If you’ve never heard of Schär … wait, are there people out there who haven’t heard of Schär? I mean maybe you haven’t tried their products, but I’m sure you’ve all heard of them unless you’re new to gluten-free or you live in a dark and dreary place, like under a rock. OK, all jokes […]

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Recommends: Jarlsberg Cheese

One of my favorite ways to entertain guests is to have a cocktail party. It’s easier than a sit-down dinner, you can set up food stations wherever it works best inside or outside your home, and it allows people to mingle in multiple spots rather than congregating around one loud dinner table. And one of […]

BeReal 450x450

Recommends: BeReal

If you didn’t sneak a couple bites of raw cookie dough as a kid, then you were missing out! Missing out on potential food poisoning but also missing out on a delicious treat! Nowadays, you no longer have to take the risk of eating raw cookie dough filled with unbaked eggs. Instead, you can have […]

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Recommends: Rooted Apothecary

There’s been an influx of CBD products on the market lately and I’m excited about that! Once I learned what CBD is and how it can help with a variety of health issues, aches, pains, and stress, I’ve been a fan. I felt the difference and I’ve seen family members and friends also be impacted […]

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Recommends: Starlite Cuisine

I have a family with multiple food sensitivities. My son is gluten-free and mostly vegan. Some of my grandkids avoid sugar. My nephew has a peanut allergy. And I’m, as you know, gluten-free. Needless to say, I stock a lot of different types of foods at my house – for when the grandkids come by, […]