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Recommends: Paleovalley

I’ve been an on-again off-again grain-free-dieter, depending on my health needs at any given time. That coupled with avoiding processed foods and refined sugars can really help a variety of health concerns. While I myself am not a fully Paleo dieter, I do see the many benefits in it and I particularly enjoy using products […]

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Recommends: Summerhill Dairy

If you or someone you know has allergies or sensitivities to cow’s milk, or perhaps if your child has difficulty digesting cow’s milk, then you should give goat’s milk a try. Goat’s milk contains lower levels of casein protein than cow’s milk, plus it’s a different type of casein. Goat’s milk has A-2 beta casein, […]

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Recommends: Ancient Nutrition

I know there’s been some hype lately about bone broth and collagen, but I’ve been consuming both those things for years! Admittedly though, I’ve been using them a lot more lately. Both collagen and bone broth have the ability to strengthen your body’s joints, cartilage, and tissues, making them excellent additions to the diet for […]

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Recommends: Kay’s Naturals

Now here’s a company that is really taking nutritious snacks, cookies and cereals to-the-next-level!! Developed by a Doctor with the science of nutrition at the forefront of his thought process – these yummy Snacks, Cereals and Cookies by Kay’s Naturals are Better Balance – and are a REAL solution to gluten intolerance, obesity and diabetic […]