AftonJonesweb250Afton Jones discovered she was gluten intolerant in 2007. She went gluten free and afterwards realized that the raw spot in her mouth was a canker sore from gluten and not where her tongue had rubbed raw from flapping her jaws too much. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until a year later that she realized she should have been tested for Celiac before she went gluten free… So it’s a mystery that may never be solved! She doesn’t really know if she’s Celiac or just gluten intolerant- though the gastrointestinal issues that go along with getting glutened and her lengthy family history of certain symptoms would point rather sharply to Celiac.

Despite all this, it took her some years to finally figure out why sometimes her scalp burst into boils, her face blossomed into an itchy rash and why randomly her eyes turned red, watered and swelled. It wasn’t until the day she flipped over a shampoo bottle and read “WHEAT GERM OIL” in the ingredients that everything clicked into place (and that probably wouldn’t have happened if she doesn’t obsessive-compulsively read everything she gets her fingers on). Turned out half the items in the bathroom had direct, whole gluten in it. The other half had some sort of gluten derivative in it.

After tossing out her ENTIRE bathroom stash, she dug frantically through the internet to discover how to replace everything – and turned up inaccurate and/or conflicting information on woefully outdated websites.

Being a stubborn creature, in a fit of frustration she decided to do her own research about safely gluten free cosmetics- what is true and what isn’t? Do Celiacs actually have an issue with topical gluten or are the only ones who have reactions to it not Celiac, just gluten intolerant? How much gluten in a product is OK? Are deglutenized products alright? Is cross contamination an issue in topical products? Where can one find safely gluten free products? And so many more questions.

During her research, she quickly realized that she was not the only one asking these questions. Countless forum posts, Facebook comments, Twitter questions, blog posts, on and on and on. People asking the same questions and searching for the same answers. Expressing the same frustrations and coming to the same dead ends.

Because of this, Afton realized she could not keep what she discovered to herself- and so started Gluten Free Makeup

Since going entirely gluten free in her makeup, skin and hair care, Afton no longer suffers from boils, rashes and red, watery, swollen eyes. Well, she sometimes gets red, watery and swollen eyes. But that’s during pollen season. And only from sneezing so much.

Afton lives with her family, one big fuzzy (and spoiled) dog, one opinionated (and spoiled) Betta fish, one nerite snail and various little shrimp. She designs and codes websites as a day job and loves to read, write, learn new things, eat delicious gluten free food and solve puzzles and mysteries. And she doesn’t actually wear makeup all the time.

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