Carol-Kicinski-book-photoDiagnosed with gluten intolerance over 20 years ago, Carol Kicinski then founded Simply Gluten Free in 2007 as a gluten-free recipe and lifestyle website and blog. Her fans have made it one of the top gluten-free websites worldwide – receiving over 600,000 Page Views and over 80,000 Absolutely Unique Visitors per month. Its purpose is to educate, assist and inspire those with celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten, dairy, peanut, grain or other allergenic elements. It is also to assist those with vegetarian, vegan and raw preferences.

Voted one of the top 60 Must-Read Health Blogs in America today (2012) – the only gluten free blog mentioned.

To date, she has motivated millions to live HAPPY allergen-free lives! Carol’s core philosophy is “Look at the world of food in terms of what I CAN eat – not what I can’t!” Her recipe motto is “Gluten-free recipes that are not just “good for gluten-free” but just plain GOOD, period!!”

In 2010 Carol started the highly successful Gluten-free Global Community – putting over 350 of the gluten-free bloggers World Wide in communication with each other. Then in 2012 she started the Celiac Support Groups Community with hundreds of American and International groups represented. In 2009 she pioneered “gluten-free” in China.

Carol is America’s first gluten-free (only) TV Chef. She has appeared on a monthly segment of the NBC Tampa based nationally syndicated show Daytime since July 2009 – now in her 7th season. (Daytime is nationally syndicated to 1.5 million households.) She was the featured cookbook author on QVC’s Gluten Free Special in April 2011. Featured Speaker at the Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free EXPO in Chicago (April 2011) and also in Dallas (Aug 2011). Many Celebrity appearances at EXPO West and East (2011 – 2012) and Cooking Classes throughout America (2009 – 2012) featuring gluten free baking and bread making.

Being at the center of the heart-beat of the gluten-free health sector, she is an advocate who represents the industry – addressing its growth, marketing and consumer attitudes. Her articles & recipes have appeared in print in well over a hundred of America’s newspapers & magazines.

Her best selling cookbook, Simply…Gluten Free Desserts, (Thomas Dunne Books, 2011) is rich with delectable recipes for cupcakes, cookies, pies, sweet breads, puddings, cakes and ice creams – all gluten free and many dairy-free as well. Carol’s second cookbook, Simply…Gluten Free Quick Meals (Thomas Dunne Books, April 2012) has over 100 great tasting recipes for goof food fast. She is a monthly recipe contributor to Martha Stewart’s Whole Living.

In August 2013, Carol launched the magazine, SIMPLY GLUTEN FREE – a full lifestyle high-quality printed magazine for subscribers and store sales with a digital version with the purpose of providing gluten free and other food sensitive individuals with the information and inspiration in order to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

In a professional career prior to her recipe development, Carol was ahead of the sustainable energy curve as she was the Financial Controller for a $32M Solar Corporation. As a humanitarian and adventurer, Carol has assisted the National Red Cross around the world and was one of the first responders at Katrina’s Central Command assisting the troops. She’s lived to tell about being charged by elephants and rhinos (literally) and has dived with Great White sharks in South Africa.

Fun, interesting, accomplished and adventurous, Carol’s simplest passion is making “that great recipe” and having someone else make it, and love it!