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Erin Rogers Pickering is a wife and mom of a vibrant 6 yr old, living in a quirky 90 year old house 15 miles outside of NYC where she teaches watercolor workshops. Erin started her career as a textile stylist, always drawing, sketching and working on commissioned illustrations on the side. She has illustrated lingerie, shoes, watches, vintage golfers, children, architecture, street scenes, art events, animals and of course, food. Her work has been licensed to kitchen products and stationary.

In 2006, Erin went gluten free in the hope of freeing herself from constant pain. It was not an immediate turnaround, as she had hoped and heard others had experienced. But she persevered, explored, investigated, educated herself and started to learn to cook again. It took months of super clean eating to see an improvement. The constant pain began to diminish, her energy level soared and her almost daily migraines sharply decreased. She was inspired to start her blog, The Gluten Free Illustrator, to share her journey and talk about the emotional side of becoming gluten free. Living gluten free brought her back to her art, and it has given her the energy and focus needed to make it happen. Her art keeps her connected, grounded and whole. As a world of possibilities opened up with the return of good health, including being able to run again, Erin’s motto became: “I am Gluten-Free therefore I can…!” which allows her second motto “Erin Go Paint” and became the name of her shop.

Erin loves playing with vibrant color, light and shadow. She has studied at The of School of Visual Arts, FIT, Parsons, and the Art Academy of NY among others. Her work can be found in her online store at ErinGoPaint. Her illustrations and paintings are purchased by collectors and art buyers worldwide. She also does freelance design and illustration work for many New Jersey businesses. Erin is currently working on illustrating a children’s book written by her husband.

Recent blog and website features of Erin’s work can be found on B.O.S.S. Girls Inc, Literacy Head, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care and Baby Big Hair among others.

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