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Gluten Free Maple Oat Bacon Pancakes Recipe

by Carol Kicinski on March 2, 2011

When my youngest son was in school he announced he didn’t want to do his algebra homework because there was NO WAY he would ever need that in real life. While there may have been a part of me that could understand his point of view, parents are obliged to come up with brilliant ways to encourage their kids to study.

So I posed this situation to him – “Supposed you want to bake a cake and you have the world’s best cake recipe which calls for it to be baked in 8 inch pans but you only have 9 inch pans – what would you do?”

I expected him to see the light and exclaim – “Oh! I see, I would need to figure out the ratio of the ingredients so I could adjust it suit my needs.” Instead he said he would go over to Barbara’s house (our next door neighbor who was a caterer) and borrow the correct sized pans. Apparently kids are obliged to come up with smart aleck answers! (While I must admit that secretly I admired his practical solution to the problem I posed, I still made him do his homework!)

When Shauna (Gluten Free Girl) contacted me asking if I would like to participate in a Gluten-Free Ratio Rally I jumped at the chance. First I wanted to prove to my son that I was not just full of hot air way back then and secondly I am always up for anything that helps de-mystify baking in general and gluten-free baking specifically.

gluten free ratio rally

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The idea is simple; a group of people take one item, in this case pancakes, and come with a ratio of ingredients that produces the results we are looking for. Not only will this illustrate the ease of baking with ratios but the creativity of each individual and just how versatile one recipe can be. Using a ratio, the recipe can be increased or decreased easily depending on your own personal needs.

Part of what we were encouraged to do was to weigh out our ingredients with a scale – weighing ingredients makes for much more standard results in baking - no variables because of how loosely or compacted the dry ingredients are measured out.

For my pancakes I decided to use ingredients that would constitute the perfect breakfast for me; oatmeal, eggs and bacon and of course maple. What would pancakes be with out maple?

My pancake ratio is simple and in nice round numbers. I like simple!

Basic Ratio:
8 parts flour – 8 ounces
8 parts liquid – 8 ounces
4 parts egg – 4 ounces or 2 large eggs
2 parts sweetener – 2 ounces
1 part fat – 1 ounce

Within the flour ratio I needed to make adjustments for gluten-free. As we know, there is no single gluten-free flour that can substitute for all purpose wheat flour. Generally it is thought that within the gluten free flour blend that 30 percent should be starch. I cut that back to 25 percent with wonderful results. Here is the flour ratio I used:

3 parts certified gluten-free oats – 3 ounces
3 parts superfine brown rice flour – 3 ounces
2 parts tapioca starch – 2 ounces

The ingredients:

Flour and starch – I wanted whole grain pancakes so I used certified gluten-free oats that I just blitzed in the blender to turn it into a powder and superfine brown-rice flour because I do not like grittiness or the bitter taste that some whole grain flours seem to have. You could substitute with whatever gluten-free flours you prefer. For the starch I used tapioca but again, if you are not fond of tapioca, use the type of starch you like.  You will notice I didn’t use xanthan gum, it wasn’t needed, so this recipe is corn free as well provided you use corn free baking powder.

Liquid – I used low fat buttermilk but for a dairy free version just take whatever type of dairy-free milk you prefer (8 ounces is 1 cup) and add half an ounce (1 tablespoon) of either fresh lemon juice or white vinegar, stir and let sit for 5 minutes. These pancakes are medium thickness; if you like yours thinner, add a little more liquid, thicker, a little less.

Eggs – I used large, organic eggs. One large egg is about 2 ounces – 2 large eggs. For an egg free version, substitute 4 ounces of your favorite egg substitue.

Sweetener – I love the flavor of maple but I find that sometimes when it is cooked it has a metallic flavor so I used Wholesome Sweeteners Maple Flavored Agave Nectar, all the yummy maple flavor without the bitter, metal taste. You can use what you like just realize this is a liquid sweetener. 2 ounces equals ¼ cup.

Fat – Well… these are bacon pancakes after all, so of course I used bacon fat. 1 ounce equals 2 tablespoons.

And then to add lightness and rise to the pancakes, the batter needs some leavening so I used baking powder and because there was acid in the recipe (the buttermilk) I added a little baking soda.  If you are avoiding corn, make sure to use corn free baking powder or see comment below from G8trGirl for a DIY recipe.

Just in case you do not have a scale (which I do recommend you get at some point) I have included cup measurements in the following recipe.

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Ok, are you ready to make pancakes?

gluten free maple oat pancakes - whole grain

Gluten Free Maple Oat Bacon Pancakes Recipe


12 slices thick cut bacon (preferably nitrate free)
3 ounces certified gluten-free oats (3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons)
3 ounces superfine brown rice flour (3/4 cup)
2 ounces tapioca starch (1/2 cup)
1½ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon kosher salt
8 ounces low fat buttermilk (1 cup)
4 ounces egg (2 large eggs)
2 ounces maple flavored agave (1/4 cup)
1 ounce bacon grease (2 tablespoons)


Preheat oven to 200 degrees to keep the pancakes warm.

Cut the bacon in half lengthwise and then cut into ½ inch pieces. Put in a large, cold skillet and turn the heat to medium. Cook the bacon, stirring frequently, until browned and crispy, about 10 minutes. Remove the bacon pieces from the grease with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels. Reserve 1 tablespoon of bacon grease for the batter and a little for greasing the pancake griddle.

Put the oats in a blender or food processor and grind to a powder. Add the brown rice flour, tapioca starch, baking powder and soda, salt, buttermilk, eggs, maple agave and the 1 tablespoon reserved bacon grease. Blend until combined, scraping down the sides of the blender or food processor once or twice. Let batter sit for 10 minutes to thicken slightly. Reserve a small handful of the bacon pieces for garnish and fold the rest into the batter.

Heat a griddle or large skillet over medium-low heat. Brush with some reserved bacon grease and pour or ladle about ¼ cup of batter out for each pancake. Cook until the edges of the pancake start to look dry and there are some holes in the top of the pancakes, about 1½ minutes. Flip and cook until the bottoms are browned and the pancakes feel firm to the touch, about another minute. Put pancakes on a plate and keep warm in the oven while cooking the remaining batter.

Serve the pancakes topped with the reserved bacon bits and more maple syrup.


This gluten free recipe makes 13

Ready for dessert?

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  • Britt

    These contain two of my favorite food groups: bacon…and bacon fat. This recipe just totally did me in. Awesome work, Carol!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      haha – love your two fav food groups too!

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  • Kim-Cook It Allergy Free

    Oh no you did not do this?? Now you do know that I will be making these (perhaps for dinner tonight since hubby will not be home). THese look simply amazing. What could be better than combining pancakes and bacon, that already go so well together separately, into one??? Brilliant, I tell you. Just brilliant!~

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Love pancakes for dinner! The only time I rever had pancakes growing up was for dinner on Sunday nights. And thank you!

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  • Sarah

    I literally want to lick that photo! I agree with the previous comment – brilliant! Plus I noticed the same thing with cooked maple syrup, thanks for the tip! Love the story about teaching your son to do his homework, lol!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thanks Sarah!

  • Jeanine

    Oh…look at that maple syrup drizzling down the sides of those pancakes. A true thing of beauty!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thank you so much!

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  • Jenn

    omg that last photo is beautiful!! Ha ha that is an awesome response from your son – your pancakes look awesome!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      yes, he is a clever one that boy and thank you!

  • Wendy @ Celiacs in the House

    I saw all that math and ran for the hills. Glad I left it up to you smart people. These have all my favorite things in one handy stack of goodness. I’m so glad you are doing the Ratio Rally with your easy, elegant style and ability to combine the best flavors in your dishes. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next challenge!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      haha! If you will notice my math was pretty simple – just 8′s, 4′s 2′s and 1′s. Thank you my dear.

  • Erin Swing

    Carol – this is one of the many reasons I’m so fond of you! Lots of bacon. And rendered bacon fat. Yum. We think a lot a like. ;)

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Yep, one can not go wrong with bacon!

  • Tara

    Well, obviously I am in full support of your use of both bacon and bacon fat in your pancakes. Plus the maple flavor – we were definitely on the same wavelength with this Rally! Delicious!

    And I love your use of a baking example to try to convince your son that algebra is useful to grown-ups. I’m saving that one for when my own boys don’t want to do their math homework!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Tara, I hope it works better on your boys than it did on mine! And yes, we are on same wave lenght for this rally!

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  • Irvin

    I LOVE the math story! I also love that your son immediately said he’d go and borrow pans from your neighbor. Now THAT’S critical thinking and problem solving! I say, regardless of his math grade, he’ll do fine in life!

    As for the pancakes, they sounds fantastic. Maple and bacon and oats! I love the combination. Delightful.

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thanks Irvin. Funny thing about my son is he is now the potfolio manager for a huge hedge fund – he can do complicated mathmatical equations in his head. I guess he just needed to put dollar signs in front of the numbers to get interested in math :)

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  • InTolerantChef

    I love cooking by ratios, it’s so simple and accident free. I have the book Ratio by Miachael Ruhlman which is great, but not gluten free!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      I agree – had to wrap my wits around it but now I see the light!

  • Karen Robertson

    what a brilliant son! i love that story.
    It is great to be able to eat oats again and adding the bacon fat is an idea I will have to try, thank you.

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thanks Karen. I think he is kind of brilliant too :)

  • Shirley @ gfe

    Oh, those flavors, Carol, and I agree with everyone else, I want to reach through the screen to taste those bad boys! :-) Fantastic job as usual!


    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thank you Shirley!

  • Diane-thewholegang

    Oh this looks amazing. I wish I could just eat it off my screen. Thank you so much for sharing this on Real Food Weekly.

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thanks Diane. That’s what I love about these pancakes, they are not only delish but they are REAL food! Thanks for hosting Real Food Weekly!

  • Lauren

    I love the story about your son. The most logical answers can be the best, and are so often found in child minds. But these pancakes – Wow. Bacon must add the most wonderful flavour – I need to try it sometime soon! I’m so glad to be a part of this with you, Carol. You’re an inspiration. (and I’ve been so busy I haven’t been to the new site before – it is absolutely gorgeous!)

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thanks Lauren! I feel the same – it was so nice to be a part of this with you and the rest of the gang!

  • G8trGirl

    Hi, first of all, these look fabulous, and I plan to make them in the very near future!

    I did have one comment about the ingredients- you mentioned:
    “You will notice I didn’t use xanthan gum, it wasn’t needed, so this recipe is corn free as well.”

    I noticed you use baking powder in this recipe- if it is a commercial baking powder, chances are it contains cornstarch. As someone with a corn allergy (who has made this mistake in the past!) I just wanted to mention that in case there are others who are avoiding corn.

    p.s. DIY corn-free baking powder is super-easy: 1 part baking soda, 2 parts cream of tartar, 1 part starch (other than cornstarch!) such as tapioca or arrowroot. It keeps about 3 months.

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thanks, and that is a good point. I have been using corn free paking powder for a long time so I didn’t give it a thought. Thanks for the DIY receipe and I will make mention in the post!

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  • Kevin (Closet Cooking)

    Those pancakes look so good!

    • Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Thanks Kevin!

  • Lalley

    Wow, this is very interesting to read. Have you ever considered submitting articles to magazines?

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  • Marquee Hire

    Loved it all rather a lot. One of the bad things I uncovered with blogs is needing to to invest time reading through all the comments. Naturally, I’m contributing to your workload right here, nevertheless it is in the best of intentions. I just wished to say that I liked this quick post.

  • Randall Slowik

    Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips and hints for beginner blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

    • Carol Kicinski

      Just write what you are passionate about and the rest will fall into place!

  • Diana

    Hi- These look amazing! After the oats are ground can the ingredients be mixed in a kitchen aid or does it need to be a blender?

    Thank you-

    • Carol Kicinski

      Hi Diana, You can use a mixer if you like. I just don’t like to dirty two machines if I don’t have too :)

  • michel

    Great Blog!

    • Carol Kicinski

      Thanks Michel!

  • Carol Kicinski

    My best advice is to just start! My site has eveolved over the years and I think that is part of the charm of blogs, you don’t have to get it perfect right out of the gate. I started with Blogger (supper easy to use) and then made the change to WordPress. I am happy with WordPress. Good luck and let me know when your blog is up!

  • Jackie

    Hi Carol

    Where can you get superfine brown rice flour.

  • Jackie

    Hi Carol
    Hi Carol

    Thanks for the info on the super fine rice flour, but I have the Bob’s red mill brown rice flour so I was wondering if I could put in the blender with the oat meal and ground it till fine ground.

    • Carol Kicinski

      Thats what I do with coarser flours – it works pretty well especially if you have a powerful blender. What I would do is process the rice flour fisrt then add the oats. It should be just fine!

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  • Ashley

    I cannot wait to try these! I was immediately drawn to the sound of these pancakes out of the list for the Rally on Shauna’s page. Thanks for creating and sharing!

    • Carol Kicinski

      My pleasure Ashley! Enjoy.

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