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I first found SunButter® creamy spread when my sister asked me to come up with an alternative to use in my yummy gluten-free peanut butter cookies for her son Kelton.  Kelton is severly allegic to peanuts.  We are talking shot carrying, anaphylactic shock inducing, scare the heck out of you allergic.

He is also gorgeous, brilliant and charming and has the effect of making me want to do anything I can to make him happy.  And he is a picky eater.  (I can’t blame him, who wants to eats something that doesn’t taste good?)

SunButter turned out to be the answer.  SunButter products are completely peanut free, tree nut free and gluten free.  The products are processed in a facilty that does not process any tree nuts or gluten and are made with roasted sunflower seeds making them lower in fat (by a lot!) higher in fiber and iron than peanut butter and a great source of protein.

But all the nutritional info in the world means nothing to a three year old!  Kelton is concerned with one thing and one thing only when it comes to food – is it yummy?  This is where SunButter gets the big thumbs up!  He loves it.  Turns out I love it too as does my husband.

SunButter makes creamy, crunchy, organic unsweetened and natural peanut butter alternatives and they have just recently come out with SunButter On The Go Snack Packs!  What a great way to take a delicious and healthy snack on the road.

SunButter products have been residing in our home and are now a part of our “family” as well.  Please welcome SunButter to the Simply…Gluten-free family as one of our gluten-free partners.

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