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Recommends: Rock Maple Mountain

When you think of Vermont, you probably think of two things – cheese and maple syrup. This post is about the latter. Maple syrup is one of those things that just makes other foods better – pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, ham – all of these go great with maple syrup.

You know what doesn’t go great with maple syrup? Corn syrup. Artificial ingredients. Added sugars. Many of the popular brands you see in stores, one of which is named after someone’s aunt and another is in a container shaped like a woman, are made with corn syrup, added sugars, artificial ingredients, and other nonsense that does not belong. It masquerades itself as maple syrup, but it is anything but. If you want that pure, real maple syrup, you have to look to brands that care about the process and maintaining its purity. Rock Maple Mountain is one of those brands.

Rock Maple Mountain is a small company that produces certified organic maple syrup that is multi-filtered to ensure purity and quality. Co-owner, George, is an engineer who designed an innovative, environmentally friendly operation to extract the syrup from the healthy, well-tended maple trees on his property. The company uses a single barrel approach, similar to single barrel whiskey, to store the syrup, rather than a blending approach that many other manufacturers use. This creates a unique and delicious result. They also use glass bottles, which I used to think was just a nice way to determine the real syrup from the fake stuff, but turns out it has a larger purpose – to prevent oxygen and moisture from building up like it can with containers that are made of plastic or other materials.

Rock Maple Mountain offers a delicious product in a beautiful package from people who truly care about the process of making maple syrup. The quality shows!

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